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Site-finished Hardwood

The natural beauty wood has to offer undeniably makes for one of the most beautiful flooring products on the market. Whether your wood floors are old and worn or you are looking to install new flooring, you may be considering site-finished wood floors. Site-finished hardwood floors are one of the most stunning floors you could have. 

Refinishing hardwood is an excellent way to change the look a feel of your living space, bring back the original richness and beauty of the wood, reduce waste, and increase the value of your home.  

Site-finishing requires extensive experience and technique to ensure the job is done right. We treat every floor as a masterpiece and put in a great deal of effort to make sure you are satisfied with the final product.  

We use top-of-line sanding equipment that all attach to our dust containment system to substantially reduce the dust particles during the sanding process. We also use some of the best stains and finishing products on the market. 

Installation Services

East2West offers a variety of flooring installation services including: pre-finished, engineered, and unfinished hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, or cork.  We are also experienced with a range of different custom install processes and designs including: wood installations on a 45 degree, herringbone design,  wood borders, feathering in to existing hardwood floor, on-site finish and custom stairs flooring installs.  

When deciding on the right flooring product for you and your space, the first thing to consider is the type of project (e.g. home, rental property, house flip, commercial space, high traffic area, etc.). It is also important to take into consideration, time, budget and your personal preferences as all of these factors can affect your flooring choice in different ways. With so many flooring products on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming making your final selection. We are very familiar with the latest products and are happy to discuss the pros and cons of the products you are contemplating to help you make an educated selection. 

We also work directly with multiple suppliers and can help you get very competitive prices materials if needed. 

Other Services

One of the most important components to a proper install is meticulous subfloor prep work. We pride ourselves on ensuring you have a clean, flat, secure subfloor which sets the foundation for a great install.  

Aside from the subfloor prep, we offer services with other prep work including: removing and replacing toilets (which also saves on costs compared to the cost of a plumber), removing and disposing of your old floor, and removing and replacing your baseboards.

​Beyond our flooring services, we also provide many other construction services for most aspects of your renovation with the same quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing that you will get from our flooring services. If you are looking for more than just your flooring to be completed, please mention the details when you contact us and we will be happy to review your entire project to include it in your quote.    

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